ACER publishes opinions on ENTSOG's Annual Winter Supply Outlook and Annual Report

The Agency has adopted an Opinion on ENTSOG’s Winter Supply Outlook 2012/13, where it appreciates ENTSOG’s consideration of additional High Daily Demand (two-week period of high-daily demand and supply disruption case) and an enlarged geographical scope. The Agency also suggests ENTSOG to devote greater attention to the analysis of supply and transmission trends and actual gas flows.

ACER has also adopted an Opinion on ENTSOG’s 2011 Annual Report. The document provides concise information and a good coverage of ENTSOG’s priorities related to the development of network codes, the preparation of a ten-year network development plan, supply adequacy outlook, seasonal supply outlooks, and operational tools, as well as the completion of the operational and functional establishment of ENTSOG. The Agency recommends the next Annual Report to be somewhat more expanded with precise information, in order to avoid any potential doubts about the adequacy of ENTSOG’s activities.