ACER publishes study on capacity booking platforms assessment


​ACER releases today the study “Capacity Booking Platforms Assessment” which analyses the current gas capacity booking platforms’ compliance with the Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms (NC CAM), which is to be applied by 1 November 2015. The report compares the degree of network code implementation related to booking platforms as well as the functionalities provided by the three existing platforms.

The study was co-financed by the three booking platform operators and a number of EU National Regulatory Authorities, who commonly selected an independent consultant to assess the platforms.

As of 19 August 2015, both the Gaz-System auctions platform (GSA) and the Regional Booking Platform (RBP) complied with seven out of twelve legal requirements of the NC CAM, while the PRISMA platform was compliant with all but one. GSA and RBP met the majority of the associated requirements at either a basic level of compliance or as part of the platform’s implementation plans prior to 1 November 2015. PRISMA had a high overall level of compliance with all the associated requirements.

Transmission System Operators (TSOs) on both sides of any interconnection point (IP) within the EU have to agree on which booking platform to use for each IP. Regulatory intervention may be required, if TSOs cannot agree. Considering the platforms’ implementation status outlined in the study, TSOs will need to manage the risk for possible national penalties imposed by national regulatory authorities, if a chosen platform is not fully meeting the NC CAM obligations by 1 November 2015. 

  • The Capacity booking platforms assessment report is available here.

  • Access the EU Regulation on the Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms here.

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