ACER publishes study on how best monitor the effects of the implementation of the network codes


ACER releases today a study for a methodology proposal to evaluate the impact of the gas Network Codes and Guidelines in terms of implementation and market effects. ACER commissioned this study to the Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA).

Main findings:

A total of 45 indicators were selected for the desired effects of network codes/guidelines (NC/GLs) and policy goals, of which 23 network code/guidelines indicators and 22 market monitoring indicators. 

The proposed indicators should not be used in isolation to draw conclusions regarding market impacts of network codes/guidelines, but rather be looked at in combination and interpreted in the light of market fundamentals.

The indicators will be used by ACER in its annual MMR to measure the economic impact of NCs/GLs and its use will gradually increase over time. The implementation and compliance monitoring of the NCs/GLs will be addressed by ACER in separate reports.

The final report and the presentation of the study are accessible below:

  1. CEPA study on Implementation monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the gas network codes and guidelines on the internal market

  2. Power point presentation of the study

  3. Public consultation process