ACER recommends adoption of CACM Network Code subject to specific amendments

On 14 March 2013, ACER issued a Recommendation to the European Commission (EC) for the adoption of the Network Code on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management for Electricity (CACM). The Recommendation was issued after receiving a letter from ENTSO-E informing that they will not need to use their right to resubmit the amended CACM Network Code to the Agency. The adoption proposed is subject to specific amendments addressing some concerns raised by ACER in its Opinion on the Code of 19 December 2012. Among those, the entry into force of the Code; the capacity calculation; and the redispatching and countertrading arrangements.
In the document published today, the Agency also recommends that the EC reviews other articles of the Network Code related to governance of the day-ahead and intraday market.
More information on the CACM process here.