ACER recommends amendments to the Gas Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms


​ACER published yesterday a Recommendation to the European Commission on the amendment to the Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms in gas transmission systems (NC CAM). The amendments to be adopted mostly relate to Incremental Capacity, but also to other technical details of the code.

The amendment proposal provides a new regulatory framework to:

  • Define incremental capacity,
  • Assess the market demand for it, and
  • Offer and allocate it in a transparent and market-based manner.

The amendment proposal also covers small adjustments of the auction methods, changes to the default auction calendar and other clarifications of certain provisions.

The Agency’s recommendation and its annexed amended NC CAM can be found here.

From 17 July to 31 August 2015, the Agency held its second public consultation on possible amendments to the NC CAM related to Incremental Capacity and other technical aspects.

You can access ACER’s evaluation of stakeholder responses here.