ACER reviews EU gas network developments

The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has recently published an Opinion on gas network developments. The Opinion reviews national gas network development plans (NDPs) and assesses their consistency with the EU Ten-Year Network Development Plan (EU TYNDP). The opinion also contains the results of the Agency’s monitoring of the implementation of the EU TYNDP and investments to create new interconnector capacity between EU Member States.                 

The main findings and recommendations of the Opinion concern various aspects of the NDP and TYNDP methodologies, coordination, consultations, transparency (particularly regarding costs and benefits), as well as other issues which could lead to a more efficient and effective implementation of the NDPs and the EU TYNDP. The Agency notes that there is a need to strengthen the regulatory oversight of the NDP in the Member States in which this oversight has so far been limited.     


The Opinion and its Annexes can be found here.