ACER reviews gas national network developments plans and their consistency with the European plan of ENTSOG


The Agency has recently published an Opinion reviewing the most recently published national gas network development plans (NDPs) in view of assessing their consistency with the EU Ten-Year Network Development Plan (EU TYNDP) issued by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for gas (ENTSOG).

This comprehensive review covers methodological aspects of national and EU-wide network development plans, and the consistency of projects included in NDPs and the draft EU TYNDP 2018. This Opinion updates the Agency's review of NDPs and their consistency with the EU TYNDP carried out in 2016. The Agency finds that the level of project consistency of national and EU-wide plans is close to 80%, varying per Member State, and underlines that the EU TYNDP shall be based on NDP projects.

The Opinion leads to recommendations addressed to project promoters, TSOs, NRAs and ENTSOG for improving the consistency of future network development plans, as well as to the identification of certain best practices applicable to the development of consistent NDPs and TYNDPs.

The Opinion and its Annexes can be found Image removed.here.

You can also access the previous review by the Agency in 2016 Image removed.here.  ​