ACER revises and recommends the Network Code on Electricity Balancing for adoption

The Agency recommends to the European Commission to adopt the Network Code on Electricity Balancing and proposes significant amendments to the network code before the adoption. These amendments are needed to be able to meet the challenges related to the harmonisation and integration of electricity balancing market, but also to improve clarity and enforceability of this network code. The Agency notes the significant improvements of the network code done by ENTSO-E in its resubmitted version from 16 September 2014. Nevertheless, the Agency took a substantial effort to further improve the network code and balance its content with the regulatory perspective. With this respect, the Agency also welcomes the Commission’s intention to further scrutinize this network code following the consultation on the new energy market design, but nevertheless proposes the adoption of this network code as soon as possible as it is urgently needed to support the ongoing balancing market integration and related pilot projects.   The Agency’s recommendation includes two annexes, the first providing the justification for the Agency’s amendments and the second providing the amended network code. The recommendation, including annexes can be found here.