ACER strengthens rules governing electricity market coupling


ACER publishes today a decision amending the rules which define how Nominated Electricity Market Operators calculate the results of the electricity market coupling in the day-ahead and intraday timeframe as well as the products that market participants can use in these two markets.

As regards the market coupling in the day-ahead timeframe, the amended rules adopted by ACER provide stronger requirements and rules for market operators to expand day-ahead coupling to additional Member States and to incorporate advanced features such as the flow-based capacity calculation and 15-minute products.

In the context of intraday coupling, new intraday auctions will complement the continuous trading model that is currently implemented within the cross-border intraday (XBID) project.

By the end of 2022, three intraday auctions will be performed on a daily basis. These are expected to better allocate scarce interconnector capacities and provide market participants with more opportunities to cross-border trade in the intraday timeframe. This will also contribute to further integrate renewable energy sources.

ACER also defined the products that market participants will be able to use in these auctions.

Find out more about the Decisions​ (N. 04/2020 and N. 05/2020​​).