ACER welcomes new Administrative Board members; Dr Jordan and Dr Penker reappointed Chair and Vice-Chair


ACER Administrative Board met yesterday following the appointment in January of new members by the European Parliament and the Council. The European Parliament appointed Ms Edit Herczog to serve as member and Ms Britta Thomsen to serve as alternate member for a period of four years. The Council appointed Mr Jurijs Spiridonovs and Dr Jochen Penker to serve as members and Mr Pal Kovacs, Mr Diego Vazquez Teijeira and Mr Pavel Pikus to serve as alternates, also for a period of four years. It also appointed Mr Michel Thiolliere and Mr Hansen to serve until 2020, replacing Mr Piotr Wozniak and Mr Georgios Shammas, who resigned last year. Mr Georgios Shammas and Mr Ľubomír Kuchta have been appointed to serve as alternates until 2020.

Dr Romana Jordan was reappointed by the Board as its Chair for a two-year period, while Dr Jochen Penker will continue to serve as Vice-Chair for the same period.

Dr Jordan, a former member of the European Parliament, is now an Adviser to the Director at the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana. Dr Penker is Director of the European and international energy policy division at the Austrian Federal Ministry ​of ​Sustainability and Tourism​. 

During yesterday’s meeting, Dr Jordan welcomed the new Board members, highlighting the challenges that the Agency is facing and will face over the next two years, including the implementation of the Clean Energy Package legislation – expected to be adopted later this year – and the persistent shortage of human and financial resources.

Alberto Pototschnig, ACER Director, congratulated Dr Jordan and Mr Penker for their reappointment, stressing the importance of continuity in leading the Board at a time of great changes for the Agency.​