ACER withdraws its decision defining the system operation regions

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ACER withdraws its decision defining the system operation regions

What is it about?

The EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has withdrawn its decision of 29 June  2021 defining the system operation regions (SORs), which replaced its decision of 6 April 2020, by which ACER had amended and approved ENTSO-E’s proposal of 6 January 2020 for the definition of SORs.

The latest decision on the definition of SORs is currently subject to an appeal before the ACER Board of Appeal.

The withdrawal of the decision follows the finding by ACER that the principles of good administration (access to the file) were not sufficiently respected during the administrative procedure.

In the reopened proceedings for a new decision, ACER intends to focus on the part of the SOR definition subject to appeal, namely including the South-West Europe (SWE) Capacity Calculation Region (CCR) in the Central Europe SOR and not defining a separate SWE SOR.

The definition of the SORs represents the first step towards the establishment of regional coordination centres, which will ensure an enhanced institutional framework for a higher level of coordination between transmission system operators at regional level, as well as to enhanced system security and market efficiency.

Decision of 19 October 2021 (No 13/2021).

Decision of 29 June 2021 (No 08/2021).

Decision of 6 April 2020 (No 10/2020).

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