ACER’s Annual Conference: A look into the future as the Agency turns five


ACER’s Annual Conference 2016, “ACER: Past, Present and Future”, will take place on 16 June. The Conference will aim to define how the Agency can best contribute to the common goal of completing a well-functioning, competitive, sustainable and secure Internal Energy Market in the context of the Energy Union.

The Conference, which will be opened by Slovenian national authorities and key EU representatives, will be structured in three sessions. The first session - “How ACER came about” - will focus on the rationale behind the establishment of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, as part of the new regulatory framework defined by the Third Energy Package. Which gaps was the Agency called to fill and what were the expectations on the role of the Agency in promoting the Internal Energy Market?

In March 2016 the Agency turned five. The second session will thus focus on the Agency’s challenges and achievements in its first years of existence, as seen from the perspective of its stakeholders and institutional partners. Particular emphasis will be given to the key lessons learned in the course of these five years, which may help the Agency improve its functioning in the future.

The third session will consider ACER’s role in the future, particularly in the framework of the Energy Union.  What should the priorities be for its action? In which areas, if any, should the Agency extend its activities and be given stronger powers? How could the Agency improve its functioning to respond to the challenges facing the energy sector in the years to come and to ensure that EU energy consumers fully reap the benefits of the Internal Energy Market?

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