ACER’s reply to ECA’s report


ACER’s reply to ECA’s report

What is it about?

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has published (31 January) a Special Report: Internal electricity market integration.

ACER welcomes the attention given by ECA to EU electricity market integration. As we have stated, on the record, in our ACER reply to ECA;

  • ACER would have welcomed a more balanced overview of the huge efforts and achievements made in integrating national electricity markets;
  • Europe’s power system is the most integrated in the world;
  • Europe’s success in progressing with integrating the electricity system is the result of the efforts of many and ACER would have welcomed the recognition of this complexity and effort.

ACER is committed to delivering on its mandate and to maintaining a focus on the evolving energy situation.

See the ECA report and the ACER reply.