Alberto Pototschnig reappointed to lead ACER until 2018

The European Commission and the ACER Board of Regulators agreed and proposed this month that the achievements of the Agency and the upcoming duties and requirements called for an extension of the mandate of ACER Director, Alberto Pototschnig. The ACER Administrative Board then adopted the decision on 8th July to reappoint him for a term of three years starting as of 16 September 2015.   EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Miguel Angel Arias Cañete said: "I congratulate Mr Pototschnig to his re-appointment as Director of ACER which will allow him to continue the very successful work he has done for the Agency over the last five years. The decision taken jointly by the Managing Board and the Commission comes at an important moment for the future of our energy markets and sends a strong signal that ACER, under the strong and able leadership of its current and future Director, will need to play an ever stronger role in creating a truly integrated market."   The Chairman of the ACER Administrative Board, Razvan Nicolescu stated: “It has been an easy decision to take. In the last five years the Director has met very high standard of performance. I am happy he has accepted to continue this journey for three more years. ACER has already become a leading EU organisation in meeting stakeholders’ expectations. We all need to continue with the same commitment, professionalism and involvement”.   The Chairman of the ACER Board of Regulators, Lord Mogg remarked: "All the NRAs join me in congratulating Alberto Pototschnig for the renewal of his contract. To have established the Agency so effectively and to have delivered such a respected and trusted body in so short a period is a remarkable achievement and we commit to further collaborative work on the next three years of his new term".