Appointment of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of ACER Board of Regulators


Lord Mogg and Walter Boltz reappointed as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of ACER Board of Regulators

ACER’s Board of Regulators, meeting today in Limassol (Cyprus) to mark the Cypriot Presidency of the EU, has unanimously reappointed Lord Mogg as its Chairman and Walter Boltz as Vice-Chairman. Their new term of office is for two and a half years.

Following the reappointment, Lord Mogg underlined the “significant progress made by the Agency since its establishment and how the collaboration between NRAs and the Agency has greatly contributed to this work”. Therefore, he said, “it is for me a great honour to continue my chairmanship of the Board of Regulators of the Agency”.

Vice-Chairman Walter Boltz remarked that “after successfully establishing and reinforcing regulatory cooperation within the Agency and in line with the third package framework, one key challenge for the next years will be to finalise additional rules for achieving a functional energy market which delivers concrete benefits to all energy consumers in Europe". The next Board of Regulators will be held in Ljubljana on 4th December 2012.