EU Commissioner for Transport visits ACER

Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport, visited today the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) in Ljubljana. Director Pototschnig briefed the Commissioner on the Agency’s activities and discussed with her the interaction between the energy and transport sectors.   

The Commissioner also visited the REMIT monitoring room, where ACER experts assess market data on anomalous market transactions, which, if deemed suspicious, are notified to national regulatory authorities for energy (NRAs) for further investigation. The visit also included a roundtable with Slovenian energy stakeholders - including producers, distributors and suppliers, as well as the Slovenian national energy regulator (Agencija za energijo) - on the impact of electro-mobility on the energy sector. 

This month the European Commission presented its Clean Mobility Package, which includes new CO2 standards to help manufacturers embrace innovation and supply low-emission vehicles to the market. It also includes the Clean Vehicles Directive, an action plan and investment solutions for the trans-European deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, the revision of the Combined Transport Directive, the Directive on Passenger Coach Services and the battery initiative. While related primarily to the transport sector, the Clean Mobility Package will also have an important impact on the energy sector.