Europe’s Energy Regulators welcome the Commission’s “Clean Energy for All Europeans” proposals

ACER and CEER, representing Europe’s energy regulators, welcome the “new Clean Energy for All Europeans” proposals adopted today by the European Commission. The Commission’s proposals will be publicly discussed at our dedicated conference on the new energy market design for the clean energy transition (23-24 January, 2017).               

Consumers should benefit from the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” proposals 

Welcoming the proposals, ACER Director, Alberto Pototschnig, said “The ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Report, published this month provides an evidence base for the need to enhance the electricity market design to meet the new challenges facing the sector. The Commission’s proposals and regulators’ approach to the energy market design framework are well aligned. We share the common goal of developing competitive, liquid and integrated energy markets across Europe that can deliver full benefits to EU energy consumers.”           

Expressing his hope that consumer will benefit from the proposals, Chair of ACER’s Board of Regulators and CEER President, Lord Mogg added:           

“Regulators are fully committed to a regulatory framework that supports a future-proof market design at both wholesale and retail levels. Our hope is that with the Commission’s proposals, energy consumers will enjoy a good deal in terms of price, choice and quality of supply."            

ACER-CEER conference on the new Energy Market Design for the Clean Energy Transition

The ACER-CEER vision of the future energy market design is set out in the joint “Bridge to 2025” proposals and in the ACER-CEER response to the Commission’s consultation on the energy market design​.          

The ACER-CEER conference will address with stakeholders the key issues and associated regulatory challenges emerging from the Commission’s proposals on the “Clean Energy for All Europeans”.​