Public Consultation on REMIT records of transaction launched



Following the Regulation, ACER has launched on 21 June 2012 a public consultation on its draft recommendations on the records of transactions which it considers are necessary to effectively monitor the wholesale energy market.
Indeed Article 7(3) of Regulation states that ACER 'shall consult interested parties before making recommendations to the European Commission as to the records of transactions, including orders to trade'.

ACER should in particular consult with national regulatory authorities, competent financial authorities in the Member States, national competition authorities and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) but also with all other interested parties. The public consultation on the records of transactions will last until 31 July 2012, 12.00 noon, Central European Time.


public workshop is organised on 19 July 2012 in Ljubljana on the public consultation document as well as the 2d edition of ACER non-binding guidance on the application of the definitions of Article 2 of the Regulation.