Regulators call for priority dispatch of existing Renewables to be removed

Today Energy Regulators (ACER and CEER), in their White Paper on Renewables in the Wholesale Market, called for EU legislators to bring Renewable Energy Sources (RES) fully into the market in the clean energy transition. Regulators recommend 3 changes to the European Commission’s Clean Energy proposals.                  

Remove priority dispatch for existing Renewables

Extend the prohibition of priority dispatch (i.e. priority running) also to existing RES plants (and not only to new RES as proposed by the Commission), so that all technologies complete fairly in the market to deliver the lowest possible cost to consumers.                   

Avoid non-market approach to redispatch and RES curtailment                   

Remove the proposed 90% compensation for RES curtailment. Regulators support the proposals for market-based prices being the driver for compensation paid to renewables that are curtailed when there is congestion, and for Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to perform market-based (rather than technology-based) curtailments.                   

Avoid net metering and ensure fair cost allocation                   

Avoid net metering to ensure that self-generators pay their fair share of network and system costs. Alberto Pototschnig, ACER Director, remarked that “as European Energy Regulators, we believe that the Clean Energy Package should ensure that, when it comes to participation in the market, all technologies compete on a level-laying field. This requires market-based dispatching of all resources.”                   

Lord Mogg, Chair of ACER Board of Regulators and CEER President added “regulators support the Clean Energy efforts to make renewables central to the market and to allow consumers be prosumers. The integration of renewables must be fair and cost-efficient and without cross subsidisation between renewable self-generators and other consumers.”                   

RES White Paper is the first in series of Regulatory White Papers                   

This Renewables White Paper is the first in a series of the European Energy Regulators’ White Papers on the Clean Energy proposals covering wholesale, network and consumer issues. These White Papers build on the “European Energy Regulators’ Overview Paper - Initial Reactions to the European Commission’s Proposals on Clean Energy​”, published by CEER and ACER on 23 January”.                  



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