REMIT News: ACER’s latest REMIT Quarterly is out

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REMIT News: ACER’s latest REMIT Quarterly is out

What is it about?

REMIT (Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency) provides the EU framework for the transparency and integrity of energy markets and deters market participants from manipulating the market. Thus, it has an important role in protecting the interests of companies and consumers and ensuring trust in energy markets.

What is the REMIT Quarterly?

The REMIT Quarterly is ACER’s main channel of communication with stakeholders on REMIT-related matters, providing updates on ACER’s REMIT activities.

The 31st edition covers the last quarter of 2022 and features:

  • An assessment of the operation and transparency of different categories of organised market places and ways of trading, detailing market participants’ activity and the trends in REMIT data reporting and data collection;
  • The statistics for registered reporting mechanisms’ (RRMs') contingency reports;
  • An updated overview of the sanction decisions for the year 2022, with 350 REMIT cases under review at the end of the fourth quarter; and
  • A summary of the most recent updates of REMIT documents.

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