Romana Jordan and Jochen Penker elected new Chair and Vice-Chair of ACER Administrative Board


​ACER’s Administrative Board, meeting today, unanimously appointed its new leadership for the next two years. The new Chair, Dr Romana Jordan, has a long experience in collaborating with ACER and has an extensive knowledge of the Agency, which she acquired during her term as Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and of its ITRE Committee. The new Vice-Chair, Mr Jochen Penker, is the Director of European and International Energy Policy at the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy in Austria and has a long experience in public service in the energy field, both in Austria and at the EU level. 

The Administrative Board is responsible for adopting the Agency’s Work Programme, its budget and the necessary Implementing Rules to give effect to the Staff Regulations. It should also ensure that   the Agency effectively carries out its mission and formally appoints the members of the other Boards and the Director.

Following her appointment, Dr Jordan underlined that “it is an honour to chair the Administrative Board of such an important European Agency. ACER will be a key player in the fulfilment of the EU’s climate and energy policy and I will work towards ensuring that the responsible EU institutions provide an adequate stimulative framework for its work. I look forward to a constructive cooperation with the other members of the Administrative Board, as well as the Chairman of the BoR and the Director.”      

ACER Director, Mr Alberto Pototschnig, congratulated both Dr Jordan and Mr Penker for their appointment. “I look forward to continuing the fruitful cooperation with the Board under their chairmanship. Dr Jordan was a strong supporter of the Agency while serving as an MEP and I welcome her now in her new leading role within the Agency. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr Nicolescu for his supportive engagement in the work of the Agency during his term as chair”.

As of today, newly appointed members joined the Administrative Board, which is currently composed of the following members – Edmund Hosker, Georgios Shammas, Piotr Grzegorz Woźniak, Guy Lentz, Jochen Penker, Romana Jordan, Rene Tammist, Dominique Ristori, and Agnieszka Kaźmierczak;  and alternate members - Jurijs Spiridonovs, Martin Hansen, Carlos Aguirre Calzada, Pál Kovács, Romas Švedas, Uwe Leprich, António Jorge Viegas de Vasconcelos, Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, and Aba-Garrote Paloma. Find out more about the ACER AB composition here.