Wholesale gas prices continue to fall in the EU but electricity prices end their decreasing trend in some countries

The downward trend of wholesale energy prices continued in most of the EU in 2015, according to the latest ACER/CEER Market Monitoring Report, whose wholesale volumes were published today. The results will be discussed with stakeholders in a workshop next week in Ljubljana, which given the interest raised, will be accessible remotely via adobe connect. Find out more about the workshop here.
Gas prices decreased across Europe as a result of declining oil prices, a greater availability of gas and increased gas-to-gas competition. For the first time since 2008 average electricity prices increased in a few countries in 2015; however overall prices remained far below 2008 levels. In some countries this can be explained by a high share of renewable energy and overcapacity in generation.
Find out more on the findings within ACER press release​.