2nd ACER workshop on electricity transmission tariff harmonisation

ACER Premises - Ljubljana
16/06/2015 12:00 - 16:00

What is it about?

The Agency is organising a public workshop on electricity transmission tariff harmonisation in Ljubljana on 16 June 2015.
This is the second public workshop in the course of the Agency’s tariff scoping activity, identified as a priority matter in Commission Decision 2014/713/EU. More information on the first workshop can be found here .
Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA) are conducting a study on ‘Scoping towards potential harmonisation of electricity transmission tariff structures’ in order to inform the Agency’s consideration through a literature and stakeholder survey, interviews and workshops.
During this second workshop, CEPA will present developing findings and possible policy proposals identified as part of the study. The workshop is also an opportunity for the stakeholders to express their views on the transmission tariff harmonization and possible policy solutions.
​Available Documents
​1. Tariff Workshop Agenda 16 June 2015
2. ACER Project Objectives and Progress​
​3. CEPA European Transmission Tariff Structures
​4. CEPA Scoping Draft Final Report
5. ENTSO-E presentation