ACER webinar: amendments to the electricity balancing platforms

08/04/2024 14:00 - 15:00 (Europe/Brussels)
ACER webinar: amendments to the electricity balancing platforms

What is it about?

On 7 February 2024, ACER has received the Transmission System Operators’ (TSOs’) proposal to amend:

The pricing methodology establishes a harmonised approach for calculating prices across the different EU balancing platforms and increases the efficiency of the balancing energy markets.

The aFRR implementation framework describes the design of the platform for the international coordination of automated frequency restoration and stable system operation (PICASSO), which is a key element in the European balancing markets integration.

ACER will review the TSOs’ proposals to ensure they align with the Regulation on electricity balancing and fulfil the obligations set out by the Regulation on the internal market for electricity.

Event objective

ACER is running a public consultation (from 26 March until 23 April 2024) to collect views from stakeholders to inform its decision-making process.

The aim of this webinar (for technical experts) is to discuss the main elements of ACER’s public consultation, in particular:

  • What could be an adequate value of the technical price limits in balancing markets.
  • The possible value of the transitional price limit in balancing markets.
  • The usage of an elastic demand by TSOs for aFRR.

ACER will answer stakeholders’ questions related to the public consultation.

What are the next steps?

ACER aims to reach a decision by 7 August 2024.

Watch the webinar recording.

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