ACER webinar: electricity wholesale market integration

07/11/2023 11:00 - 12:00 (Europe/Brussels)
ACER webinar

What is it about?

The goal of the electricity wholesale market integration report is to present the results of the monitoring of the performance of the internal market for electricity in the European Union against the existing legal framework. The performance largely depends on how efficiently the European electricity network is used and on how the wholesale markets perform in all timeframes. The integration of electricity wholesale markets via an optimal amount of interconnector capacity and the efficient use of this capacity allow competition that benefits all consumers and contributes to ensuring long-term security of supply at a lower cost.

ACER is organising a webinar to present the conclusions of its 2023 Market Integration Report to be published by the end of October 2023:

•    Progress in European electricity wholesale markets integration, with a focus on the performance of forward and balancing markets;
•    Progress in Energy Community markets integration.

With this online event, ACER intends to:
•    Present the main conclusions of the report;
•    Address stakeholders’ questions. 


ACER monitors and reports annually on the EU (internal) markets of electricity and natural gas (our so-called Market Monitoring Reports). This market integration report is one of our 2023 electricity MMR series.