ACER Workshop on the ACER Decisions on proposals for a harmonised cross-zonal electricity capacity allocation methodology and RCCs tasks of sizing and procurement

19/04/2023 10:30 - 12:00 (Europe/Brussels)

What is it about?

On 16 December 2022, transmission system operators’ (TSOs) submitted to ACER their proposal for the harmonised cross-zonal allocation methodology. In March 2023, ENTSO-E submitted its proposal for the Regional Coordination Centres (RCCs) tasks of sizing and procurement.

ACER’s decisions on these proposals should facilitate the integration of balancing capacity markets, create welfare and lower procurement costs of balancing capacity while ensuring security of supply.

ACER will assess the proposals received and revise them where necessary in order to ensure their contribution to market integration, non-discrimination, proper functioning of electricity markets, and their compliance with the Regulation on the internal market for electricity and the electricity balancing guideline.

Event objective

ACER will present the content and questions of its public consultation on the proposals for a harmonised cross-zonal capacity allocation methodology and the RCCs tasks of sizing and procurement and will answer to stakeholders’ questions related to this public consultation.

Watch the workshop recording. 

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