Question 3.2.3

Question 3.2.3

Technical capacity, Contracted capacity, Available capacity, Send-out, Inventory

Technical capacity – is it a maximum speed of regasification in the LNG terminal guaranteed throughout the entire calendar year or rather a daily maximum available regasification speed less the potential, partial (or complete) installation unavailability?

Contracted capacity - is it a maximum contracted speed of regasification (according to the terms and conditions of the contract) or rather daily nominations reported by the Terminal User (under a contract)?

Available capacity – shall represent a simple subtraction of cell values as follows: “available capacity” = “technical capacity” – “contracted capacity”?

Send-out – shall mean actual values resulting from send-out or reloading volumes measured in the LNG terminal expressed in GWh/d?

Answer: Further to definitions provided in the Manual of Procedure on data reporting the Agency’s understanding of technical capacity, contracted capacity, available capacity, send-out and inventory is the following:

  • Technical capacity means the daily total firm regasification capacity that the LNG Facility Operator can offer to the terminal users, taking account of system integrity and the operational requirements of the terminal expressed on a daily basis in GWh/day.
  • Contracted capacity is the capacity that the LNG Facility Operator has allocated to users by means of a contract expressed on a daily basis in GWh/day.
  • Available capacity is the part of the technical capacity that has not been allocated to users and is still available expressed on a daily basis in GWh/day: “available capacity” = “technical capacity” – “contracted capacity”.
  • Send-out is the aggregated daily gas flow (regasified LNG) from the Terminal into the gas transmission system expressed in GWh.
  • Inventory is the total volume of LNG in the LNG tanks at the end of the previous gas day, expressed in GWh.