Question 4.1.9

Question 4.1.9

Thank you for the clarifications made in the FAQ on REMIT fundamental data and insider information collection.

Related to question 5.1.8 I have another question. According to the answer, all events shall be reported as per affected unit. This means that one event that affects three units shall be reported in three unique web feed messages.

Now considering the case of an event affecting one unit but with a time varying capacity (e.g. three different values for capacity for the different time frames). Shall this event also be reported as three separate web feed messages each containing only one capacity value?

Our proposal earlier was in this case was to only report the lowest capacity value. That solution would mean that one event maps to one web feed message. Depending on your answer to the question above, the alternative would be to map one event with three web feed messages when we have time varying capacity. In any case, our design is highly dependent on a clarification of the raised point and I hope you are able to give some guidance on this matter.

Answer: The Agency has discussed possible solutions on how to report the above mentioned event during the Inside Information Platforms roundtable meetings and concluded the following guidance for the reporting of planned and unplanned unavailability:

Planned unavailability: three separate UMMs are published for each of the three intervals.

The three messages should be published with the same timestamps unless they are different events.

Unplanned unavailability: one UMM is published (e.g. at 10 am). The UMM will be updated at 11:30 am and 12:30 pm. The three messages should have different timestamps.