Question 5.1.9

Question 5.1.9

Could you advise us how to fill the field 10 “Available Capacity” in case of overlapping partial unavailability? Or could you reconsider to make the field “Available Capacity” optional?

Practical Example

A generation, production, or consumption unit may have different, overlapping unavailabilities with different reasons, types, start and end dates. In such cases, the “available capacity” of the entire facility may change over the duration of an individual event. Since a reader can easily calculate the available capacity from the fields 9 and 11/a-11/b by aggregating over all open events at a certain point in time, requiring field 10 does not add any further information.

In our opinion, field 10 should be optional, as any mandatory usage of the field could be misleading.

Answer: Please find below the graphical representation of two overlapping unavailabilities with different start and end dates including examples on how to populate UMM reports: UMM Reports:

10 am

1st Report (Event 1)

Message ID:12345-28X-TradingAG-BR-C_001

Event Start and Stop: 10 and 12pm

Available capacity: 70

Unavailable capacity:30  

11 am

2nd Report (Event 2)

Message ID:12345-28X-TradingAG-SD-D_001

Event Start and Stop: 11 and 1pm

Available capacity: 30

Unavailable capacity:40

Optional: “Remarks” field in the 2nd Report : “Additional Unavailability to ID:12345-28X-TradingAG-BR-C_001”