Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM)

Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM)

Version Effective Date
TRUM Version 5.2 17 April 2023

Article 7 of Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011 (REMIT) stipulates that the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (‘the Agency‘) shall collect the data for assessing and monitoring wholesale energy markets as provided for in Article 8 of REMIT. The Agency shall ensure operational reliability of the information received pursuant to Article 8 of REMIT and it shall take all necessary measures to prevent any misuse of, and unauthorised access to, the information maintained in its systems as provided for in Article 12(1) of REMIT.

Pursuant to Article 8(1) of REMIT, market participants, or third parties on their behalf, shall provide the Agency with a record of wholesale energy market transactions. The European Commission shall, by means of Implementing Acts, adopt uniform rules on the reporting of records of transactions, including orders to trade (‘transaction data’) pursuant to Article 8(2) of REMIT.

According to the REMIT Implementing Regulation adopted by the Commission on 17 December 2014 as Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014, the Agency shall explain the details of the reportable information in relation to standard and non-standard contracts for the supply and transportation of electricity and gas in a user manual and after consulting reporting parties make this user manual available to the public upon the entry into force of the REMIT Implementing Regulation. On this basis, the Agency has prepared this Transaction Reporting User Manual (hereinafter: TRUM).

On 31 March 2014, the Agency launched a first public consultation on the TRUM which was open until 5 May 2014. The first public consultation document was prepared on the basis of the draft REMIT Implementing Regulation presented by the Commission in October 2013 and it also took into account the feedback received during the Agency’s public consultation on Technical Standards in spring 2013.

Following the end of the first consultation, the Agency further elaborated the TRUM, taking into account the input received during the first consultation in spring 2014. On 22 July 2014, the Agency launched a second public consultation on the TRUM which was open until 2 September 2014. The second public consultation document was prepared on the basis of the draft REMIT Implementing Regulation presented by the Commission in July 2014.

An ACER staff working document version was published on 9 December 2014 and presented in a public workshop on 10 December 2014.

The TRUM focusses primarily on providing guidance on how to report Wholesale Energy Products. It is important to note that the technical and organisational requirements to be fulfilled by market participants or third parties reporting on their behalf in order to register with the Agency have been addressed separately in the Requirements for Registered Reporting Mechanisms (RRMs). Furthermore, please refer to the Manual for Procedures on Transaction and Fundamental Data Reporting for details on how to report transaction and fundamental data. Further information on how to comply with the data reporting obligation are available in the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document on REMIT Transaction Reporting (hereinafter: FAQ document) and the FAQ document on REMIT Fundamental Data and Inside Information.

This updated version of the TRUM is complemented with clarifications mainly related to the trading activity on broker OMP platforms, transactions concluded via Direct Market Access and provides guidance on reporting with the updated electronic format (REMITTable 1_V3).

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Version history Effective Date
TRUM Version 1.0 7 January 2015
TRUM Version 2.0 30 September 2015
TRUM Version 2.1 31 March 2016
TRUM Version 2.2 9 May 2016
TRUM Version 3.0 26 April 2017
TRUM Version 4.0 30 June 2020
TRUM Version 4.1 30 April 2021
TRUM Version 5.0 31 March 2022
TRUM Version 5.1 16 November 2022