PC_2023_E_02 - Public Consultation on the ACER Decisions on proposals for a harmonised cross-zonal capacity allocation methodology and RCCs' tasks of sizing and procurement

Policy area
Integration of balancing capacity markets, sharing of reserves, day-ahead electricity market, allocation of cross-zonal capacity.
Contact information
Transmission System Operators (TSOs), electricity industry, traders, regulators, governments and other relevant stakeholder in the EU and EEA.

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ACER received the Transmission System Operators’ (TSOs’) and ENTSO-E’s proposals:

ACER’s decisions on these proposals should facilitate the integration of balancing capacity markets, create welfare and lower procurement costs of balancing capacity while ensuring security of supply.

Why we are consulting

ACER assesed the proposals received and revised them where necessary in order to ensure their contribution to market integration, non-discrimination, proper functioning of electricity markets, and their compliance with the Regulation on the internal market for electricity and the electricity balancing guideline.

Together these three proposals aim at integrating national balancing capacity markets with the use of cross-zonal capacities. The aim is to lower the costs of procuring electricity balancing capacity while ensuring security of supply. This can be archieved by reducing the overall balancing capacity needs and by lowering the procurement cost of that balancing capacity which needs to be procured.

For taking an informed decision on these proposal, considering their impact on stakeholders, ACER invited interested parties to share their views.

Enter the public consultation.

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Next steps

ACER decided on all three proposals in July 2023.

ACER held a workshop on Wednesday, 19 April 2023.