Question 3.4.2

Question 3.4.2

What UTI should be reported for the reporting of EXECUTIONS where the Market Participant does not have a UTI for the trade?

Example: Prior to Oct 7, participant enters into a trade. No UTI is assigned to the trade. Trade is still open on Oct 7 and therefore needs to be reported as a back loaded trade.

The Market Participant may omit the UTI for such trades.


The UTI is a mandatory field in the schema. For executions under the framework of non-standard contracts where the market participant does not have an UTI for the trade, the market participant should create one.

The UTI is needed for the ID of the record, otherwise the market participant will not be able to make any amendments and/or recall the transaction.

The UTI can be anything the market participant would like to submit e.g. the transaction ID available in their system.