Question 1.1.16

Question 1.1.16

When reporting Delivery point or zone in Field No (48) of Table 1 and/or Field No (41) of Table 2, which code should be reported?


According to the TRUM Field No (48) of Table 1 and Field No (41) of Table 2 identify the commodity delivery point or zone. This field reports the EIC Y code (or an alternative code to be agreed with the Agency if the EIC is not available) to identify the delivery and/or balancing point for the contract. In a country there are more than one balancing area, market participants should report the EIC Y code for the balancing area for which they have balancing agreements with the TSO. This is the area where the market participant delivers the energy commodity trough nominations/scheduling.

Where the contract stipulates that the gas is delivered at the interconnection point, then the EIC-Z Code for that interconnector may be used.

Where contract for the supply of gas may be delivered at an LNG or a gas storage facility, then the EIC W code for that facility should be reported.