Question 1.1.17

Question 1.1.17

Can you please clarify if the EMIR approach to Novations will be applied.

Scenario 1: Trade being fully novated

Will we be required to send a cancel/ exit for the trade (old UTI) against pre novation party and a ‘new’ submission for the trade (New UTI) against the new party? i.e. same UTI cannot be used post novation

Scenario 2: Trade to be split by Novation

Will we be required to send a modify (old UTI) for the trade remaining with the original party and a ‘new’ for the trade (New UTI) with new party?


In order to report a novation, an early termination with the old UTI and a new trade with a new UTI should be reported. Both market participants, MP1 and MP2 have to submit an early termination report with Action Type “C” for Cancel the old trade and e.g. MP1 and MP3 a new submission with Action Type “N” for the new trade between MP1 and MP3 with a new UTI.