Question 1.1.9

Question 1.1.9

We provide services for Gas Swings contracts and Gas Virtual Storage contracts: our so-called Structured products. All those products are usually bespoke, and don’t follow any standards.

We are wondering if those products enter the scope of reporting, as there is no clear explanation in the MoP, and there is XML format explanation for those in ANNEX 3, for :

1.    Standard contract (we will report those on a daily basis )

2.    Non standard

3.    Electricity transportation ( we do not provide this service)

4.    Gas transportation (we do not provide this service)

So we wonder if they jump into the non-standard page, and will have to be reported once a month.


Gas storage and gas virtual storage contracts are not reportable under REMIT. With regard to gas swing contracts, a list of examples on what and how to report is available in Annex II of the Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM).