Question 2.1.14 Data Field (21)

Question 2.1.14 Data Field (21)

The TRUM defines the Contract ID as the “unique contract ID provided by the market place.” Provided in which manner? Will the ID on the marketplace’s trading screen suffice?

Example: Participant executes trade on a marketplace and receives a record of the trade from the marketplace, via the marketplace’s trade feed. The record of the trade from the marketplace contains the unique contract ID as defined on the marketplace’s trading screen. Participant now wishes to report the trade to an RRM.

The ID on the marketplace’s trading screen will suffice, provided it is unique.


Please see the TRUM which explains the following: “This field identifies the unique contract ID provided by the organised market place at which the contract is traded. The contract ID is venue-specific. The contract ID is needed to link all the orders to a specific contract.”

Orders and trades executed on Organised Market Places are required to use the Organised Market Places’ contract ID in order and trade reports. Market participants or RRMs should not make their contract ID in substitution of the contract ID used by the Organised Market Place for the reporting or orders to trade and trades.

The Organised Market Place must have only a single contract identifier for the contract for the lifetime of the tradable contract. The contract identifier must be unique and is not shared with any other contract. The contract must always be represented using the same contract identifier throughout the life of the contract, i.e. up to the date of delivery.