Question 2.1.27 Data Field (30)

Question 2.1.27 Data Field (30)

The question is related to the timings in the reporting: in the TRUM it is indicated that timings have to be expressed in UTC format (ISO 8601 date and time format using UTC time format). However in the trading examples we see two ways of representing timings:

2014-01-29T10:35:56.000Z  or 2014-01-29T12:35:56.000+02 :00

It seems more pertinent to use the “+02:00” expression as indicated in the attached trading example.

Could you please confirm that one can report in local timings followed by “+02:00”?


According to ACER’s schemas and the ISO 8601 standard date and time in UTC can be either reported as

2014-01-29T10:35:56.000Z or 2014-01-29T12:35:56.000+02 :00