Question 2.1.33 Data Field (35) and (38)

Question 2.1.33 Data Field (35) and (38)

Reporting negative prices & resulting negative notionals

We wish to get clarification on how to report the following scenario under REMIT from 7th April 2016 onwards:

In some cases a trade may be for a ""negative"" price. This is not the same as the trade being the ""other way around"", i.e. a ""buy"" instead of a ""sell"".

Is it permissible to report negative prices in the various fields, i.e. fields 35 or 57 of table 1, or field 15 of table 2?

  • The same question would apply to resulting notionals.


If the Price of the trade is negative, this should be reported with a negative number. For notional values, these should always be reported in absolute value.