Question 2.1.40 Data Field (48)

Question 2.1.40 Data Field (48)

A Market Participant is buying gas for its own needs (fuel gas) outside an OMP via bilateral contract. The delivery point of the gas under the contract conditions (where the commodity changes hands) is an Entry point ABC from production facility. The point ABC is a connection point between the production facility and the gas transmission system of the TSO.

For reporting purposes under the requirements of Article 3(1)(a) of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) N1348/2014, what data shall be provided in the respective field of schema REMITTable 1 or REMITTable 2: DELIVERY POINT OR ZONE – the EIC of the Entry point ABC or the EIC of the Balancing zone to which the gas is entering?

If the EIC of the Entry point ABC shall be filled in the XML field DELIVERY POINT OR ZONE, the MP needs to add said EIC code to the list of valid EICs. Could you please confirm that it will be possible to add such an EIC via the Agency’s web-tool for mapping/supply of EIC information, e.g. via using “Other” in the point type drop down?


The EIC of the Balancing zone should be reported. There is no need to add the Entry point ABC via the Agency’s web-tool for mapping/supply of EIC information.

The same would apply to Domestic/Industrial aggregate points and Distribution zones/networks. If these points are connected to a balancing zone from where the gas/electricity is withdrawn/supplied from, the EIC of the balancing zone should be reported.