Question 2.1.43 Data Field (48)

Question 2.1.43 Data Field (48)

A Market Participant is buying gas for its own needs (fuel gas) outside an OMP via bilateral contract. The location where commodity changes hands under the contract conditions is a Gas storage facility.

For reporting purposes under the requirements of Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014, point 3.1 (a), what data shall be provided in the respective field of schema REMITTable 1 or REMITTable 2: DELIVERY POINT OR ZONE – the EIC of the Gas storage facility or the EIC of the Balancing zone to which the Gas storage facility belongs?


Assuming that the seller is withdrawing the gas from the system and injecting it into the storage, then handing it over to the buyer, or if the seller sells the gas that he already owns in the storage to the buyer, the EIC of the Gas storage facility should be reported.