Question 2.1.47 Data Field (52)

Question 2.1.47 Data Field (52)

How to correctly map to the ACER load type values ‘Shaped’ and ‘Other’ What is the difference between these two values?

We trade the following structures:

Overnights (Blocks 1+2)

Extended Peaks (Blocks 3+4+5+6)

Weekday Block 4

Would these load types be ‘Shaped’ or ‘Other’?

We think the above fall under ‘Other’


If the price is the same for all the hours within the blocks, then BH for block hours should be used. If the price is different per each hour of the blocks, then it is a shaped product. In some cases it is possible to have a shaped product that has the same price for all the hours, but still a shaped product. Usually this is an OTC bilateral contract or voice brokered.