Question 2.1.50 Data Field (54)

Question 2.1.50 Data Field (54)

Load Delivery Intervals in standard schema is defined as time in HH:MM format. How to distinguish between the normal second hour and the third hour that is changed to 2’clock during the Long clock change?

The only way is to repeat the hours:

00:00/01:00 – first hour

01:00/02:00 – second hour

02:00/03:00 – third hour

02:00/03:00 -  fourth hour

because there is no unique identification of traded period. But in this case ACER loos track what was traded in third period and what was traded in fourth period.


The above representation is the correct way to report the third and fourth hour of the day on the day of the clock change. The third and fourth hour should be ordered in a chronological order.