Question 2.3.1

Question 2.3.1

For Cash Settled products, do we need to provide all the delivery details?  For example, Delivery Start date, Delivery end dates and Delivery Profile are currently mandatory fields.

Are there default values that we should use to indicate they are Cash Settled or will the field be made optional in the next version of the Table1 Schema?

Suggested solution: e.g. we could use “00:00Z to 24:00Z” in the Delivery Start/End dates.


For Cash Settled products the delivery details should be provided as for physical products. Delivery Start date, Delivery End date and Delivery Profile are mandatory fields. Any derivative related to EU gas or electricity (or their transportation) has a reference price or index. This reference price (or index) is related to the commodity which is delivered somewhere in the EU on a specific date and time.

Please note that for delivery periods “00:00Z to 24:00Z” format is not valid. Delivery profiles are reported in local time e.g. 00:00 to 24:00.