Question 2.6.3

Question 2.6.3

Reference to documents: ACER TRUM 2.0

4.3 Data fields related to contract details

28. Contract Trading Hours

29. Last trading date and time

How should the fields 28 and 29 be filled when a bilateral contract was entered during an tender at a specific time.

Example: We organise weekly tenders for grid losses (No OMP) with typical products (e.g. Base Year 2017) every week on the same weekday at a specific time (e.g.10:00-10:30).

The TRUM is not clear in this specific case. For bilateral trades that occur off-markets, 00:00Z to 24:00Z should be indicated by default and field 29 should not be populated. This trades where closed on a tender during an specific time. It is not possible for this products to send bids at a different time. In my interpretation I would fill in the time where the gate of the auction is open in field 28 and the gate closure time in field 29.


Data Field (28) “Contract Trading Hours” and data Field (29) “Last trading date and time” are required to be populated for transactions executed at Organised Market Places (OMPs). For any bilateral contract, including those that are the result of a tender, data Field (28) “Contract Trading Hours” should be populated with 00:00Z to 24:00Z by default; data Field (29) “Last trading date and time” should not be populated.