Question 3.1.12

Question 3.1.12

Article 7 (6) of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 1348/2014

Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM) – Annex II Examples of transaction reporting

Should lifecycle events be reported to ACER for transactions that have been reported on the back loading requirement?

Market participant concluded bilateral contract outside an organized market place before 7th April 2016. Regarding to the fact that market participants shall report contracts which were concluded before the date on which reporting obligations becomes applicable and remain outstanding on that date, Market participant reports this contract within 90 days after 7th April 2016 in the context of back loading requirement.

If the terms of the original contract (e.g. price or quantity) are modified after 7th April 2016 should market participant reported this fact (lifecycle event) to ACER?


Contracts that are back-loaded and then amended are subject to the life cycle event reporting.