Question 3.1.13

Question 3.1.13

Reference to documents: Article 3 (1) of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 1348/2014 - Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM) – Annex II Examples of transaction reporting

In connection with practical example indicated below we would like to ask how such a trading situation should be reported?  Please indicate what combination of trading scenarios included in Annex II must we choose?

Trading scenarios included in Annex II envisage two steps: reporting bilateral contract and execution. What kind of reporting scenarios should be chosen when trading activities include three (or more) sequence? Example indicated below:

  1. Parties concluded General Agreement X (and they didn’t conclude any Individual Contract), there is no specified price and volume; after a few months.
  2. Parties concluded Individual Contract with maximum quantity, but they didn’t specify price; after a few months. 3.       Parties concluded Individual Contract with defined quantity and price.


The FAQs document on transaction reporting (please see question 1.1.11) and Annex II to the TRUM address this question. Master agreements are not reportable. If the first report is about the non-standard contract, then executions under the framework of that non-standard contract have to be reported.