Question 3.1.31

Question 3.1.31

Table1 document is rejected because of missing quantity tag. Update from user:

During the 02.25th webinar it was definitely stated, that not necessary to provide quantity value in execution.

Please give us an official recommendation how we can calculate MW value in case:

  1. e have 1-1 for-a-month aggregated delivered energy value for peak, off-peak, deep-offpeak periods.– The unit price is known, and is different at peak, offpeak, and deep-off-peak period.
  2. The 1-1 total amount (cost) is known for peak, offpeak, deep-offpeak period.
  3. Not kwown that how many hours was operating the unit during the contracted periods.
  4. Example:

We have 1000000 HUF total cost, 100 MWh total delivered energy for January for a generating unit, the unit price is 10000 HUF (/MWh). All of the values concerns now the peak period.

What should we calculate for MW value if not known the number of operating hours of the unit in question.


Based on the information provided above, it is our view that given that operating hours are not known, this type of contract should be reported as a non-standard contract using Table 2. Table 1 should be used for the EXECUTION when the price and quantity are known.