Question 3.1.38

Question 3.1.38

Reference to documents:

Ref [1]: The XSD that defines how the Table1 fields can be put together in the XML: ”REMITTable1_V2.xsd” Ref [2]: ACER_REMIT_TRUM_ANNEX_II_v2.0.pdf

We want to repeat the Delivery Profile section of Table1 for each “Delivery point or zone”. This does not seem to be possible according to Ref [1].

For example: We have a non-std contract (using Table2) for a “delivery point or zone”= Sweden (“10YSE-1--------K”). For this contract we will have executions (using Table1 for this), in up to four different “delivery point or zone”s (LUL:”10Y1001A1001A44P”, SUN:“10Y1001A1001A45N”, STO:“10Y1001A1001A46L”, MAL:“10Y1001A1001A47J”).

What we really would like is to be able to repeat only the fields: [48, 55 and 57] four times, i e we want to state “Delivery capacity” and “Price/time interval quantity” for each of the four delivery points respectively, while all other fields in the report are the same. This does not seem to be possible according to ref [1].

We have seen examples in the pdf that are close to what we want, see ref [2]:

- pages 210-211: field 48 is multiplied

- page 58: fields 54-57 are multiplied

- page 131: fields 49-57 are multiplied.

Our question is whether our example with having at least these three fields together, repeated [48,55 and 57], also could be possible?

Our interpretation is that with the current XSD it is not possible to achieve what we want to do.


Based on the information provided above, it is our understanding that each execution for each delivery point should be reported separately. The FAQs document on transaction reporting has already addressed this question, please see Question 3.1.6.