Question 3.1.5

Question 3.1.5

I'm writing on behalf of our company. Will you be so kind and clarify to us next two questions:

1. If a given trade has no fixed price, but the price is set with the Price Index (which is known after the beginning of the delivery period), how it should be reported? Is there any example of that kind of trade?

2. If a given trade for example, for the year 2016, is decided to be changed in the middle of the year - either the price or the quantity of trade to be increased or decreased, then shell we just send the correction for the period in which the change is going to be or to generate again a new report for the hole period?

In other words: we have a trade for power block which is EU peak for a whole year of 2016. We've already sent a remit report for that trade on the day D+1 from the trade date. Then, in a few months, during the delivery period, we decide to buy more energy just for one week for example in august. Shall we generate a new report in which we'll have a separate display for every week in the year or shall we create a new report just for that specific week for which we made changes?


With regard to the first question, in Annex II of the Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM) available in the REMIT Documents section of the ACER website there are examples of Index trade reports. Also, examples of standard contracts and non-standard contracts index trades are described in the said annex.

In the Agency’s view, when an original trade for a given period of time has already been reported, and a new agreement/modification occurs during the delivery period, the Agency would expect a separate new trade to be reported.