Question 3.1.9

Question 3.1.9

Should a bilateral contract (initially classified as a non-standard contract and also reported in a non-standard format) keep its non-standard status and therefore any event under this contract will lead to a lifecycle event reportable under this non-standard contract (no standard contract will be reported and no standard contract format will be used)? Or will it be mandatory to report this contract as a standard contract, or as a non-standard contract in a standard contract format?


A non-standard contract with no defined price or quantity, has to be reported using Table 2 with a timeline of T+1 month. The execution of optionality under that non-standard contract, reportable using Table 1, will still be part of Phase 2 and is reportable with a timeline of T+1 month.

Please see Annex II to the Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM) for additional details.